Blue Pencil is here to help!

May 11, 2021

Has your employment status been affected by Covid-19? Blue Pencil is here to help!

Are you a lawyer who has been furloughed, made redundant or worried about the future? Blue Pencil is here to help. We are offering a number of complimentary services to help strengthen your position now and for when the market picks up. Blue Pencil has a wealth of legal recruitment and HR experience, as well as having access to cutting edge research, data and partner contacts. Knowledge and research is one of our key strengths. These services will be provided to all lawyers and law firms impacted by the pandemic, by our senior HR and recruitment team and include:-

  • How to improve your personal brand on social media so that law firms and other recruiters will approach you for suitable roles
  • Providing you a detailed analysis of the market and where the opportunities will be post Covid-19
  • What you can do now to thrive in the post Covid-19 work
  • Reviewing your experience and expertise in line with career goals
  • Assisting you with sharpening up your CV

To arrange your free consultation please email The consultation will be kept in strict confidence.