Blue Pencil agrees new sponsorship package with Monaco Rugby Club.

April 8, 2021

Blue Pencil, has teamed up with Monaco Rugby Club to be one of their main sponsors for the next three seasons.

At the moment, Monaco may not be synonymous with Rugby, however Monaco Rugby Club has slowly been ascending the league tables and has a strong team ethos with professionalism at its core. Blue Pencil is proud to be associated with Monaco Rugby Club as the Club’s values mirror those of Blue Pencil.

Liam Mooney, the Founder and Managing Director of Blue Pencil said “We are delighted to support AS Monaco and have agreed a three year sponsorship package. We have an office in Monaco and as a company we always strive to put something back into the local community. Rugby is a sport which I used to play (many years ago!) and whilst I certainly don’t miss playing,  I still continue to admire many of its core values.

It’s therefore a sport we want to be associated with. It teaches the values of team work, humility, leadership and sharing success and defeat in equal measure. All of these values are key to what makes a business successful and the individuals within it. Monaco Rugby club has a big catchment area and rugby is widely followed in the area. As a business and a member of the local community, we want to do our bit to help the club and the individuals within it achieve their goals”.